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Positively Organized!
Positively Organized!

For over 25 years, Susan and her company—Positively Organized!—have received rave reviews for interactive Positively Organized! training programs and consulting projects that produce positive results.


For content-rich programs and projects that
stimulate and motivate and transform how professionals work, communicate, and
collaborate, rely on recognized business trainer and award-winning writer-editor-author Susan Silver.

Susan’s Brief Bio

A recognized speaker, trainer, and consultant, Susan specializes in three
main areas:


1. Written and Oral Communications: academic, theological, business, technical, and online editing and writing; English language learning for nonnative speakers; and presentation skills


2. Organization and Work Management: organization skills, time
management, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, memory skills,
stress management, and customer service


3. Leadership, Management, and Supervision: emotional intelligence,
interpersonal skills, team building, accountability, delegation, decision making,
and creating a positive, productive work environment


With 20 awards to her credit, Susan is a recognized editor and writer. She's the author of ORGANIZED TO BE YOUR BEST! Transforming How You Work—an award-winning business book with one-quarter million copies in print, now in its 5th edition, known as the bible of organization and best practices in the work place. Susan is also coauthor of the acclaimed book TEACH YOUR COMPUTER TO DANCE: Make Your Computer, Mobile Devices and the Internet Perform for You.


As an award-winning author, writer, and editor as well as a former English language instructor at the American Language Center of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), Susan provides outstanding editorial consulting services including book editing, development, and indexing as well as smaller writing projects.



Susan edited and indexed ON TRANS-SAHARAN TRAILS: Islamic Law, Trade Networks, and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Western Africa, an award-winning book published by Cambridge University Press.


Susan edited and indexed THE MAKING OF A MARKET: Credit, Henequen, and Notaries in Yucatán, 1850–1900, a 2012 Penn State University Press book.

She has edited a variety of academic publishing and writing projects including book manuscripts, journal articles, research proposals, theses, articles, papers, and resumes. She is also a contributing writer to The Messianic Times.



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Positively Organized! inspires clients to be their best by positively transforming how they work, communicate, and collaborate.

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